2 decades of wise house blogging – Automated Home’s 20th anniversary

August 26, 2022

It was 1996. John major was Prime priest as well as expense Clinton was in the White House. Mad Cow illness had just hit Britain and The flavor women were at the top of the charts.

If you’re an old git like me then that will all sound like 5 years ago. however it’s been two decades since the year I started writing about house automation – so 2016 is a bit of a milestone.

From Here to Now

When you’re close to something as well as you see it everyday, modification can be difficult to spot. however taking a step back as well as looking around, it’s a extremely different house tech world we online in today.

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Twenty years back (before the word ‘blog’ was invented), ‘Automated Home’ started out as ‘UK house Automation’ as well as trying to buy some wise home kit was a bit akin to joining a trick cult. Today you can walk into your nearest huge box store as well as buy a bulb that utilizes a tenth of the energy, creates millions of colours, last for many years as well as is managed by a mysterious cloud in a foreign land or a sliver of glass that lives in your pocket. #Progreso.

Just like the tech, blogging has progressed too. posts were rather, shall we state ‘low-bandwidth’ in those early years (every publish is still on the internet from the beginning).

But quick ahead 20 years as well as look at the difference with something like this Home Automation in the Cloud piece from earlier this year.

It’s simple to fail to remember all the things that we take for granted these days, high high quality images, embedded video, social media, comments as well as forums, all of which go hand in hand to create something that’s ideally a great deal more informative as well as engaging.

The tech Future?

Not to be melodramatic, however the world is dealing with some extremely genuine problems that have come into even sharper focus with recent weather condition events as well as this years COP21 United nations seminar on climate change.

Home automation, Domotics, wise Home, Web of Things, whatever we’re calling it this year, has a new raison d’etre. It’s no longer something to save us getting off the sofa, it may well be part of the solution to save us from ourselves. AI and machine discovering will be part of the millennial’s toolkit to reduce our energy usage as well as deal with the other challenges ahead.

This blogs Future

Blogging can be a drug, it can take up a great deal of time however it’s rewarding too. I’ve made many buddies along the method as well as I get to chat with people in other countries on a everyday basis.

After more than 2,600 blog post, as well as around a million words I’ve learnt an insane amount about house automation as well as have been provided chances to travel that I wouldn’t have had without the blog.

There are some changes coming for Automated house over the next few months, including a more mobile-friendly responsive design (at last) and an upgrade for Otto, our robot mascot.

Stay Tuned for Prizes

To assist celebrate our 20th I asked a few of the business we’ve covered over the years if they’d like to donate some wise house set to provide away to our readers.

There was an overwhelmingly generous response as well as now there’s thousands of pounds worth of prizes ready to be won in the weeks ahead! (more on that soon).


As well as all those business there are many others to thank. everybody that has assisted with the site (especially Steve, Li & Trevor, Stubbs as well as Ant), plus all the forum as well as mailing listing mods as well as members.

Especially thanks to you the visitor for your loyalty, for sharing the posts as well as providing your support as well as encouragement over the years. It has meant a lot.

Feliz año nuevo.


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